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CookiePages - First Ever Marketing Content Management System for Franchises
Facebook pages for the franchise industry
First Ever Marketing Content Management System
Instant Brand Presence Online
Generate landing pages & Facebook fan pages on the fly
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Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee owner, creating and managing your online presence is a constant headache, until now... CookiePages makes it easier than ever to build customizable pages that build and promote your brand online. Franchisors easily generate pre-approved templates and promotions. Franchisees populate these templates with localized content and promotions creating their own unique online presence. Imagine the power of having hundreds of Facebook pages and websites, one for each store location.
Create, Manage, & Share Powerful Promotions
Build unique marketing campaigns geared towards your hyper local demographic
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A promotional campaign in South Central LA may not have the same impact on customers in Newport Beach. Not all promotions or coupons offer maximum return given a franchise's unique demographics. CookiePages allows franchisees to create and track results of custom campaigns instantly. Create any promotion you desire: a buy one get one free coupon, viral video competition, or even one time happy hour specials. CookiePages empowers business owners to cater to the needs of their local patrons, while offering unparalleled transparency for franchisors.
Track, Optimize, and Grow Your Online Presence
Why be online if you don't know what's going on?
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CookiePages Marketing Management System allows franchisors or individual stores to track the performance of each web asset and promotion. Try out different promotions and see how viral they become. Every time a promotion is shared, all of your fans, even your fans friends see that promotion on their wall. This creates thousands, potentially tens of thousands of impressions. All metrics are trackable including: Page views, impressions, shares, and likes. Simply sort by any of these attributes to find your most popular stores, top preforming campaigns, most likes, and much much more...
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